A Bigger and Better Tarpaflex Inventory for the New Year

Tarpaflex US announce today that the Company has decided to increase its Tarps Inventory for 2011. The move has come as a response to an encouraging uptick in demand across the board over the last few quarters, which is projected to continue through 2011. Starting this January, Tarpaflex expects to serve higher demand in every core and sub-segment of those industries that are either directly or peripherally influenced by the volume and quality of tarp consumption. The company is expanding despite the recession and has on order many 40ft containers of tarps, from suppliers in the Far East. The decision is aimed at creating even more choices for Tarpaflex customers everywhere.

Tarps are used to provide protection from the elements. For example, they can be used to protect a car from the rain, a construction site, tools and objects from excessive dust. People today often want to make sure that they always have something on hand in case they need to cover something up, or have temporary protection from home damage. Canvas tarps have been introduced to the market and bring on a lot of great benefits.

There are many tarpaulins that are produced to act as protection; people often want to make sure that they get something of a high quality. These products are made out of canvas material that is truly built to last and withstand just about anything. When there is significant damage due to a high level storm, this is the best thing to have around. The first - and most important - step in properly covering your damaged roof is choosing the right kind of tarp. One of the most popular, widely used choices is 2.7 ounce blue tarp. This kind of tarp is a big seller because it comes in a huge selection of sizes and is one of the least expensive options. Blue tarp is just not heavy duty enough to do this important job adequately.

Perhaps one of the most interesting uses for a tarp is in the way it can bring humanitarian aid in the midst of natural disaster. It is under these particular circumstances where the versatility of a poly tarp really shines through. During a natural disaster where homes have been destroyed and people suddenly find themselves exposed to the elements, poly tarps can be used to build temporary shelters, keeping out rain, wind and even heat. As they can be used to cover straw and grains, tarps can also be used to protect what is left of a local food supply. They can be used to patch holes in homes and buildings that are still standing and can even be sliced up to be used as makeshift bandages or even slings. And once the disaster is over and the crisis has passed, the tarps can be used to gather the belongings that have survived.

As one of the leading tarps importers, Tarpaflex US are uniquely positioned to introduce multiple groups of consumers - heavy industries, manufacturing facilities, small and medium enterprises as well as direct end users -- to our increased tarps inventory. Our leadership in this initiative will catalyze our partners across the value chain to ensure augmented participation for mass scaling of tarp protection. With our expertise, industry relationships and global footprint, we are in an ideal position to lead this new frontier.

At Tarpaflex US, we understand there are three common factors that drive our customers to come back to us again and again: cost savings, convenience and reliability. The inventory increase reflects the Company's aim to provide our customers with unsurpassed choice and flexibility. Tarpaflex US' decision represents our continued commitment to providing our customers with not only state-of-the-art logistical support, but also comprehensive product offering designed to make their interaction with us more enjoyable, efficient, and now even more exciting.

Tarpaflex US LLC is a Naples, Florida based growth oriented tarps importer. For further information, please contact us at: Tarpaflex US LLC, 4760 Enterprise Ave, Unit #402, Naples, Florida, 34104. Tel : 239 643 0877 Fax: 239 654 0871. Visit our website at www.tarpaflex.com to learn more about our mission and values, corporate facts, and Tarps Universe.

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