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Avoid Severe Fire Damage with Flame Retardant Tarps

This week has seen more devastating fires spread through southern California, and as homes are being evacuated and roads closed, many homeowners are concerned with keeping their automobiles and prized home possessions out of harm's way. "There are various ways in which you can fire-proof your home" explains Bob Page, CEO of Tarpaflex, one of America's biggest Tarp retailers "but keeping your garden property, car or motorcycle safe can be more difficult".

Luckily, Tarpaflex, who stock a huge range of water-resistant tarps also have a choice of heavy-duty fire retardant tarps. Primarily recommended for construction sites and building which involves handling open flames or electricity, the tarps are an ideal source of protection against fire damage.

The tough, durable tarps are put to the test both by the California State Fire Marshall and an independent testing office to guarantee they can withstand the flames and heat. The tarps are made from heavy-duty polyethylene which is specially treated for a flame-resistant and water resistant protective cover. "Many sailing enthusiasts prefer the flame retardant tarps in case of petrol spills or the wildfires we have witnessed this week, as uncontrollable as the fires are consumers have at least one element of control to minimise the potential damage".

Available in the choice of white or silver, both flame retardant tarps give outstanding protection and come with a UV inhibitor, which also helps minimise sun damage. So if you're based near a wildfire hotspot, or simply want to ensure that every precaution is taken to protect your outdoor investments; visit to view the highest quality tarp range.

About Tarpaflex

Never knowingly undersold on price, Tarpaflex has been supplying poly tarps for more than 20 years. The family run business guarantees the lowest price on the net and has an extensive catalogue of taps for domestic and commercial use