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Don't Get Blown Away - Get Hurricane Tarps from Tarpaflex!

With the hurricane season well under way, leading US Tarps providers, Tarpaflex, have a range of tarps to combat the wet and windy weather.

Made from strong low density polyethylene and laminated on both sides with high density polyethylene, these super tough Hurricane Tarps are ideal for the hurricane weather. They are extremely lightweight yet sturdy, making them easy to handle. They are also rot proof, shrink proof, UV protected and can be used in the freezing Arctic temperatures!

Their competitively priced blue tarps are used extensively in the boating, construction, agricultural, camping and landscaping industries. For outdoor use, the firm recommends you securely tie down the tarp for maximum protection and to increase the life span of the tarp and your possessions.
As the name suggests, the tarps are best used in the storm season. Designed specifically to reduce storm damage, they are strong and 100 per cent waterproof for rain, dust and grease protection. They feature grommets ever 36 inches and are mildew proof, acid resistant, tear resistant and have the capability to stand strong in Artic weather conditions. The tarps are also UV treated on both sides to protect from the sun.

Bob Page, the managing director of Tarpaflex, said: "It can be difficult to cope with the hurricane season if you do not have the right kind of protection. Our hurricane tarps are specifically made to be used in these severe weather conditions to protect your assets and belongings. They are becoming more and more popular as our customers start to discover their benefits and uses."
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About Tarpaflex

Never knowingly undersold on price, Tarpaflex has been supplying poly tarps for more than 20 years. The family run business guarantees the lowest price on the net and has an extensive catalogue of taps for domestic and commercial use.