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Tarpaflex Tarpaulin Sizes

Economy Tarps

Tarpaflex's range of standard grade tarpaulins are manufactured from woven polyethylene which is then laminated to produce a fully waterproof plastic tarpaulin.

Each tarpaulin has reinforced hems and eyelets at approximately 1 yard intervals. Economy tarp is available in blue, however other colours are available subject to availability. Each tarp is pre-packed flat in a polybag with attractive bar code colour insert.

PT1 6X8 20PCS
PT2 6X10 20PCS
PT3 9X12 20PCS
PT4 10X10 15PCS
PT5 10X16 10PCS
PT6 12X16 10PCS
PT7 15X30 5PCS
PT8 16X20 5PCS
PT9 20X20 5PCS
PT10 20X40 1PC
PT11 30X60 1PC
PT12 40X60 1PC
PT13 50X50 1PC
PT14 60X100 1PC

Tarpaflex Plus Tarps

MGPT1 8X10 15PCS
MGPT2 10X18 10PCS
MGPT3 12X18 5PCS
MGPT4 18X24 2PCS
MGPT5 20X30 2PCS
MGPT6 30X40 1PC
MGPT7 50X60 1PC

Super Tarpaflex Tarps

The Super Tarpaflex Tarp is a dual coloured tarp which is available in white on one side and silver on the reverse. The tarp has an added U.V. content to give the tarp longer life. Manufactured to 6 oz per square yard with a 12x12 mesh and 1200 denier polyethylene base cloth. Super tarpaflex is supplied with strong corner reinforcements as shown in the picture. Super tarpaflex is ideal where extra strength and longevity is required.

HDPT2 10X12 10PCS
HDPT3 10X20 5PCS
HDPT4 24X24 2PCS
HDPT5 40X50 1PCS

Camouflage Tarps

Our range of camouflage tarpaulins have army camo printing on one side and dark green on the other. Ideal for camping fishing hunting and outdoor pursuits. It is made to the same specification as our economy tarpaulin with eyelets at 1 yard intervals.

6X8 9X9 20PCS
8X10 10X12 20PCS
CAMT2 9X12 10PCS
CAMT4 12X18 10PCS
CAMT8 18X23 3PCS