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South Florida Tarps Manufacturer Makes Substantial Donation To Haiti Relief Efforts

Leading U.S Tarps suppliers, Tarpaflex has donated thousands of dollars worth of tarps to Haiti in order to assist the relief effort currently underway on the Earthquake stricken island.

The toughest tarps in town will travel to Haiti and provide much needed relief in areas worst affected by the quake. The tarps shipment has been carefully selected by the manufacturer to include a range of tarps of all weights, strengths and sizes. The tarps donated are designed to be used for emergency shelter and as weather proof covers.

Manufactured from tough woven polyethylene which is itself made from a super tight weave at 16x16 per sq inch, the Super Heavy Duty Tarpaulin is water-proof, UV-protected and tear resistant, making it the perfect all round tarp for the recovery effort.
Likewise, the hurricane tarp is strong, tear resistant and waterproof but also lightweight and easy to handle which is essential for speedy distribution to the worst hit areas. Once in location, the tarp can be quickly put to use - rot proof, shrink proof, UV protected and flexible to Arctic temperature the tarp can be re-used after the emergency relief is complete for the re-building process.

Bob page is CEO of Tarpaflex LLC. He said, "We are located in South Florida so quite close to Haiti in terms of being able to make a donation and have our tarps shipped straight out. I travelled to Haiti with my wife just before Christmas and felt incredibly sad upon hearing the news of the Earthquake that such a poor nation should once again be hit with such hardship. All of us here at Tarpaflex are keen to help in any way possible and have conveyed this to Hope to Haiti, a local charity through which our donation will be sent to Haiti and put to good use."

Hope for Haiti is a non-profit, charitable organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for the Haitian people, particularly children, through education, nutrition and healthcare. More information can be found at

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