Tarp Tape

Tarp Tape

Ideal for home, cabin, yard, boating, agriculture, construction sites and recreation. Tarp Tape is the perfect solution to repair those rips and tears in your poly tarps. This unique tape reinforces stress points before rips occur. Use to join two tarps together, and create a secure waterproof seam. This tape is designed for indoor/outdoor use.

Tarp Tape Details:

Standard Tape : 2" wide x 35 ft long

Large Tape : 3" wide x 108 ft long

Exellent for :

  • Tarps
  • Covers
  • Awnings
  • Tents
  • Silage Bags
  • Hay Covers
  • Shelters

Please note: Will NOT bond to canvas material

Silver Tarp Tape

Silver Tarp Tape Ref: TAPE-S

Our Price $3.99
Green Tarp Tape

Green Tarp Tape Ref: TAPE-G

Our Price $3.99
Clear Tarp Tape

Clear Tarp Tape Ref: TAPE-C

Our Price $3.99
Brown Tarp Tape

Brown Tarp Tape Ref: TAPE-BR

Our Price $3.99
Blue Tarp Tape

Blue Tarp Tape Ref: TAPE-B

Our Price $3.99
Black Tarp Tape

Black Tarp Tape Ref: TAPE-BL

Our Price $3.99
Large Black Tarp Tape

Large Black Tarp Tape Ref: TAPE-BL-L

Our Price $11.99
Large Silver Tarp Tape

Large Silver Tarp Tape Ref: TAPE-S-L

Our Price $11.99
Large Blue Tarp Tape

Large Blue Tarp Tape Ref: TAPE-B-L

Our Price $11.99