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Tarpaflex Help Aid the American Bird Conservancy

A month ago, leading US Tarp distributer Tarpaflex generously donated to the American Bird Conservancy in a bid to help preserve the wildlife surrounding the devastating Gulf oil spill. The same charity also has several projects based in South America, aiding fisherman who accidentally catch birds and turtles on their fishing lines. ABC is determined to reduce the threat and have enlisted the help of Tarpaflex to preserve the wildlife, including the endangered Waved Albatross, known for feeding in Ecuadorian waters.

ABC's South American partners Equilibrio Azul, a non-for-profit NGO based in Quito, Ecuador are now working together with the tarps donated by Tarpaflex in a bid to help preserve some of nature's most beautiful accomplishments, a spokesperson states that "We have limited resources and every bit of help is important to us. We use Tarps for many of our projects and they are really useful. We use them to cover and protect our two boats, to protect sea turtle nests and nursing grounds, to create camping facilities for our volunteers who patrol the beaches every night, and for many other practical things. The tarps we can buy locally are low quality and get destroyed really soon in the hard weather they are exposed to."

Taparflex will be kindly donating Green/Black Super Heavy Duty tarps, Clear Poly Tarps and Canvas Tarps to the cause. Always keen to use their resources when needed, Bob Page, CEO for Tarpaflex talks about the recent charity work and donations "It's great to know that our tarps and products don't just help those fixing up their garden or home, we're helping to keep nature happy and protect endangered species through various methods. Every little helps and if our tarp donations make the smallest of differences to these communities, both in South American and on the Gulf, we're more than happy to help every time".

To learn more about what both ABC and Equilibrio Azul are doing for the environment, you can visit their websites on and You can also check out the range of tarps that have been donated by the Tarpaflex team at

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