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Tarpaflex Tarps Travel to the Gulf of Mexico\n

The leading suppliers of tarps in the US, Tarpaflex, has donated hundreds of dollars plus offered free tarps to two charities that are helping animals affected by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Defenders of Wildlife and the American Bird Conservatory will both get monetary donations as well as tarps to help with their rescue efforts. So far 957 birds, 387 sea turtles and 47 marine animals are confirmed dead according to the statistics on the DoF website and a total of 1,681 birds, 504 sea turtles and 51 marine animals have been impacted by the spill.

The tough tarps will travel to the Gulf of Mexico if needed to provide shelter and protection to hundreds of animals. The shipment has been carefully selected by Tarpaflex to include a range of their strongest tarps, such as the Heavy Duty Tarps and Super Heavy Duty Tarps. They can be used for shelter and covers alike.

Each tarp is manufactured from tough, woven polyethylene made from a super tight weave at 16x16 per square inch. Each tarp is also water proof, rot proof, acid proof, UV protected and tear proof, making them ideal for tough conditions. They are also able to weather Arctic conditions which means they can be used in virtually any type of environment.

Bob Page, the CEO of Tarpaflex LLC said: "We are more than happy to help in any way we can and making a donation plus offering our tarps is the best way we know how. I feel extremely sad to know that so many animals have had to suffer because of the carelessness of a corporate giant and we have conveyed our willingness to help to both charities and they are more than happy to take us up on our offer."

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To find out more about either charity and how you can make a donation, please visit and

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