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Stay Safe in Tornados with Tarps from Tarpaflex

With the Tornado season fast approaching, get your Tarp protection from the leading provider in the US, Tarpaflex.

The firm has a huge inventory of life saving Tarps that can provide you with the peace of mind when tornados hit. They are also able to supply tarps to any unfortunate person who may see damage as a result of a tornado.

Tornados have been a major part of the US weather for decades and whilst people do everything they can to protect themselves, sometimes it's just not enough. A tarp from Tarpaflex, such as the Black / Silver Heavy Duty Poly Tarp, is made from the toughest woven polyethylene, which in turn is made from a super tight weave at 16x16 per square inch, giving it, and you, super-strength durability and a much longer life than ordinary tarps.

The extra cents spent on this poly tarp are worth it; it promises to provide you with all your covering requirements, especially in the hurricane season where ordinary tarps are likely to get blown away. Its grommets are located at 18 inch intervals around the tarp and are larger at a ¾" diameter each. They are also made from a superior quality brass, and all these elements help prevent it from pulling and risking it from simply flying away. Unlike standard plastic or aluminum grommets, these brass grommets are strong, pull-free and will keep you safe in the rough and windy weather.

Tarpaflex stocks all colored tarps, such as the Candy Striped Heavy Duty Tarp, to ensure you are seen when the storm passes, and can be rescued easily. Designed to keep moisture away, they are strong, tear-resistant and 100 per cent waterproof. The tarp is lightweight yet sturdy, rot proof, shrink proof and flexible enough to be used in Arctic temperatures.

Keep yourself protected in Tornado with Tarpaflex's range of tarps. Visit to get yours today.