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Cozy up your log house: choosing the right fireplace

Owning a log house or a cabin in the woods is many people’s dream. Those cold nights when you can jump in the log house and enjoy the warmth and comfort of a home, while still being in touch with the wilderness and enjoying the fresh air, the clear water and the greenness of the woods – they are simply irreplaceable. The magic ingredient to make a log house an even cozier place, though, is a good fireplace that fits the rustic style of such a house and yet provides a strong and safe source of heating.  Continue reading

Top movies for a Halloween garden movie night under the stars

Knock, knock! Who’s there?
It’s Halloween!
And with Halloween come all of the season’s fun activities – from pumpkin carving to trick-or-treating and scary movie nights. Weather permitting, you could even round up friends and family for a Halloween movie night in the garden. You don’t really need much more than a few comfortable chaise longes, cushions and blankets, a movie screen which you can easily make out of white tarp strapped to a few poles and, not to forget, popcorn, treats and drinks.  Continue reading

Fall chores in the garden

We all know that fall has come already, and the garden might still need some care before you can say it is properly prepared for winter. It is essential to get some things done before the first snow, so fall is actually a great season for getting your garden in good shape. Then you can be sure that it will also blossom when spring comes.  Continue reading