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Storing your boat in the cold seasons: The best docking marinas in NYC

The Hudson River is great for boating and sailing, as the numerous boat owners in the New York can confirm.

In case you are one of them, you have surely encountered the daunting task of finding a docking marina for your vessel during autumn and winter. Although there is a variety of docking marina options, there are a few important points to consider when choosing the safe harbor of your cherished boat for the cold seasons. Make sure you don’t forget additional practicalities such as covering your boat with heavy duty tarp as well.  Continue reading

Best autumn hiking destinations in Carolina

The beauty of fall, colorful and splendid as it may be, is a beauty for connoisseurs. Its moist breath of foliage, soil, the different colors of the forest, the nipping wind, the cloud-covered sky – one needs an eye for that. And if you have an appreciation for fall’s many moods, it probably is not a far shot to assume you also have a thing for hikes. With currently almost 60 national parks and hundreds of state parks and forests, the U.S. is a place that offers a lifetime of opportunities for hikers. North and South Carolina, for example, present literally hundreds of different trails, parks, forests, peaks and breathtaking scenery.  Continue reading

As snug as a bug in a rug with tarps

You meet a better class of person on a hiking trip. Have you ever noticed how polite people are when you bump into them in the countryside? People are likely to kick sand in your face on the beach. Or you will find yourself shoulder to shoulder with some tattooed lager lout. The countryside or mountain trek, however, is invariably more civilized; the hiker who wants to connect to nature is usually a more intellectually inquisitive, eco-conscious and all-round erudite person.  Continue reading