Cozy up your log house: choosing the right fireplace

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Owning a log house or a cabin in the woods is many people’s dream. Those cold nights when you can jump in the log house and enjoy the warmth and comfort of a home, while still being in touch with the wilderness and enjoying the fresh air, the clear water and the greenness of the woods – they are simply irreplaceable. The magic ingredient to make a log house an even cozier place, though, is a good fireplace that fits the rustic style of such a house and yet provides a strong and safe source of heating. 

Making a decision about the kind of fireplace you install depends on the setting of the house and the possibilities it offers. You can go for the real deal and choose a masonry fireplace made from brick or stone but this requires more serious construction. An easier option is to install a manufactured fireplace made from metal sheets or go for a ready-made electric one. Each variation offers a different advantage – but naturally, if you find it possible to build a masonry fireplace, it will give you the highest level of coziness and comfort. At the same time, if conditions allow only for installing a manufactured one, this also has a positive side as you can use gas and have fewer hassles over wood supplies. While making your construction choice, it is wise to consider how you will feed the fireplace – and here there are three main options, wood-burning, gas-burning and electric.

Wood-burning fireplaces

The romantic and cozy atmosphere exuded by a real wood fireplace is difficult to recreate. Yet it is also an expensive pleasure. Wood-burning fireplaces are more costly, as is the usage of wood as a source of heating. On the negative side, they are also more difficult to maintain and they also lose points for cleanliness and safety. Storing the wood for burning can be one more challenge, though you can always get lumber tarp to isolate the area where you will keep the logs. And yet again, what can compare to the relaxation of watching an open fire, enjoying its warmth and listening to the sound of burning wood, feeling closer to nature than ever?

Gas-burning fireplaces 

Gas fireplaces win on all practical levels – yet they do not create the same ambiance as wood ones. If you opt for a gas one, you will definitely save a lot on the financial side because a fireplace and its supplies are much cheaper. On top of that, it is cleaner, safer, and more convenient. Needless to say, it still does not exude the indulging smell of a burning fire that you can share with your loved ones over a glass of hot wine, but it can be a decent replacement in case you cannot afford the inconvenience or the financial burden.

 Electric fireplaces

This is the newest option on the market, but it is an imitation on every level. An electric fireplace is, actually, simply an electric heater that is produced to resemble a fireplace. It can be placed in an old fireplace that is not in use anymore and it can even produce the effects of a burning flame. However, it is unlikely to provide the required heating level for a whole house, so it is the least recommended option for a house surrounded by nature.

Choosing between a real, natural ambiance and an affordable and easier imitation can be difficult, but be sure that, in both cases, your log house will be warmer and cozier. A fireplace is a fireplace – the heart and hearth of a home.

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