Fall chores in the garden

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We all know that fall has come already, and the garden might still need some care before you can say it is properly prepared for winter. It is essential to get some things done before the first snow, so fall is actually a great season for getting your garden in good shape. Then you can be sure that it will also blossom when spring comes. 

The first step for winter preparation, naturally, is to clean up the outdoors area. Throwing out unnecessary objects and tidying up the plants will make the winterizing process much easier as you will be able to see what actually needs to be covered or stored in a special way. This means also that before the first snow, you should clean up any dry weeds and bushes, rake the fallen leaves and remove them from the lawn. You should also remove dried foliage of plants to avoid them filling with insects and pathogens. Then, wherever necessary, mulch the perennials in order to protect the soil around them from changing temperatures. After these few uncomplicated steps, your plants should be safe for winter.

Another important point in the winterizing process is the upkeep of the wooden and metal objects and tools around the garden. If you’d like to have them around for long, you need to protect them against rain and snow. Garden tables and chairs that are stored outdoors certainly need to be covered tightly.

The barbecue set is another item that needs special attention. In order to enjoy its power in the warm months, the grill should be stored away properly during the time it is out of use. As for the barbecue gas bottles, keep in mind that they should not go inside – so make sure to store them outdoors, but in a place without direct sunlight. It is a good idea to have them covered as well.

Tarpaflex canvas tarpsLet’s not forget the stacked lumber that is meant to be used for burning in winter for heating. If you live in a house, it is likely that a fireplace is your preferred way of heating your home in the cold months. However, the stored lumber also needs some care in order to give best heating results. The most important factor to consider in storing lumber is to avoid humidity, which reduces its burning qualities. A good solution is covering the wood with canvas tarps as they protect from condensation.

Preparing your garden for winter involves a few essential steps like tidying up the plants’ area and covering the yard items. These simple procedures will ensure that your green space will be protected during the snowy time and then will look its best in the spring.

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