It’s tarp-appalling weather

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Super heavy duty tarps should have a place in every survivalist’s handbook. They are 100 per cent waterproof and tear-resistant and make excellent covers for all kinds of unusual weather conditions. Rambo could have fared far worse than taking some super heavy duty tarps in his haversack as he trekked through a rain forest or some sun-baked wilderness. 

These kind of tarps – which can be up to almost half a centimeter thick but are remarkably light – can handle all major industrial or construction projects and are also used extensively for premium quality covers, waterproofing, insulation and trucking.

Protect your pitch

Super heavy duty tarps have a multitude of uses. You can use them to cover roofs and trucks, boats, cricket or baseball pitches, gymnasium floors, swimming pools, motorcycles and barbecues and grill covers, as well as all kinds of lawn furniture and plants during adverse weather conditions. They are also especially useful on farms where the ground is becoming unsuitable for your animals to graze.

The durable material also provides the best possible protection for many outdoor playing fields. Not only is it tough and durable, it’s also pliable and easy to fold. Imagine you’re in the middle of a baseball match when suddenly there is a flash flood. A quick pull of the tarp and the precious pitch is covered, preventing it from becoming waterlogged. In such case, a green super heavy duty tarp blends in well with the natural surroundings. Such camouflage tarps – medium heavy duty tarps unlike the other tarps we have mentioned in this article – are made from tough woven polyethlene and ideal for rugged outdoor activities. Even the Wimbledon tennis championship benefits from tarp covers when it rains. And if it’s good enough for Andy Murray…

Protect your assets

All kinds of assets need protecting when kept outside. For example, if you have a boat, you will need to shield it from the elements. Rain water corrodes the boat’s fabric and can cause the vessel to sag. You could also find rubbish and debris strewn around the vessel if it is left uncovered.

Likewise, your precious motor car may look a mess after a heavy storm. You can preserve it better under tarp if it’s parked outside for long periods in extreme weather conditions. But it would also benefit from a tarp cover if you keep it in a garage that is porous and prone to leakages. Equally, if you’re in the middle of renovation works on your property, then a super heavy duty tarp is the best material to cover a ceiling or roof.


Protect yourself

The simplest shelter of all – tarp is adaptable to all weather conditions. Of course, it’s best to anticipate weather conditions in advance. Heading out to the Lake District for a nice hike in the autumn? Sure, you may be entranced by the majestic scenery as everything around the waters turns a golden orange. But don’t be surprised if the trickle of fresh rain drops become a toilet. If so, you may need cover and medium duty tarp is particularly easy to erect as it is lighter than the super heavy duty one. All you need to do is take each corner and tie it off to a tree or other tall structure, or use poles to elevate the corners. Be careful that the center of the tarp is elevated so as to allow rain water to drain off. Water will run down the line attached to the lowest corner, which is also handy if you’re trying to collect it.

Super heavy duty and medium duty tarps are available in a variety of sizes and colors and camouflage designs. Whether it’s to conceal and protect equipment, or insulate yourself from the elements, you can’t beat a bit of tarp! Your dog may even find it useful when going on a march…!



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