Tarpaflex Tarpaulins on Standby for Aftermath of Hurricane Earl

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The category four Hurricane Earl is currently heading for the east coast after rampaging through Puerto Rico and several eastern Caribbean islands– leaving home owners from the Carolinas to Maine facing an uphill struggle to protect their possessions from the tropical storm. 

Tarpaflex, the Florida-based tarps retailer have two loaded warehouses of emergency hurricane tarps and suppliers ready to be dispatched, should Earl’s destructive force make land. The National Hurricane Centre in Miami has already forecasted catastrophic damage for those in the path of the hurricane, which could lead to evacuations in some areas.

Bob Page, CEO of Tarpaflex said, “It is vital that residents in affected areas keep an eye on weather forecasts and prepare to evacuate if instructed to do so by local officials. Try and keep a supply of tarps at hand for the aftermath of the Hurricane – they can be used to cover roofs in the event of storm damage and protect cars and other outdoor possession such as boats.”
Tarpaflex are well versed in dealing with the worst of nature’s forces, having made a sizeable donation of heavy duty tarps to Hope for Haiti following the devastating earthquake earlier this year. The firm’s hurricane tarps were shipped to the stricken island and used as emergency shelter and weather proof covers.

Already set aside for the aftermath of Hurricane Earl, Tarpaflex’s blue poly tarps are manufactured from a hardy low density polythene, laminated with high density polythene for strength, water resistance and durability. As with most Tarpaflex tarps they are 100% rot proof, shrink proof, UV protected and flexible to arctic temperatures so can even be stored away and then reused for the next Hurricane season.

Silver Green heavy duty tarp

Silver Green heavy duty tarp

Similarly, a warehouse full of silver and green heavy duty tarps has also been earmarked for  mopping up after Earl sweeps through. With a 12 x 12 weave count, they are perfect for outdoor use.

To browse the range and buy online, visit http://www.tarpaflex.com/

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